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    The viewer allows to visualize interactively the data obtained monthly in the RADIALES cruises (called RADCAN or RCAN cruises for those carried out since 2013) of the five nutrients sampled (NO3, NO2, NH4, PO4 and SiO3). The layout displays a sidebar, where you can select the desired option for a series of variables (station, nutrient, year, …) and a main panel where the graphs are displayed. It is organized in three tabs: [1] ‘Plot’ displays data from one single station (the complete list of the stations, as well as their map and the geographic coordinates, are in [2] ‘multipanel’ lays out together in the same figure the individual plots of all the stations, allowing for comparison among them. [3] ‘Sampling dates’ shows graphically the months, from the starting of the project, with data available for each of the nutrients.